Provence in South of France

Come and visit our beautiful region in one of our vacation villa rental or in your Provence dream property to buy.

La Provence

Territory nestled between the Mediterranean sea on the South, the Rhône river on the West and the Alps on the Est, Provence offers several facets like a shining gem under the sun and the azure blue sky. This land is appreciated since prehistory, the resources of this region are multiple and plentiful, diverse and singular, acknowledged and appreciated by many.

Wether you are walking in the footprints of the antique Romans in Aquae Sextiae on the cours Sextius of Aix-en-Provence, or with the Sains of the Christendom in the tiny and lovely oratories or in the majestic cathedrals of Aix-en-Provence, Marseille or Saint-Maximin or led by the cicadas near the Cistercian abbaye of Sénanque or Silvacane, there always some kind of treasure to discover in every village or area of Provence.

For your holiday rental or for your property to buy in Provence, beautiful houses with private pools are waiting for you close to cities, in small villages or more secluded touching famous vineyards, bathed in the lavender-blue fields, protected by the delicate shade of the olive or pine-trees where the cicadas like to stay. You will be given the chance to bathe in private pools offering clear views onto the Mediterranean hills, the Sainte-Victoire or the sea-shores.

You will also have the choice between traditional Provence “Bastides” countryhouses with glorious past, typical “Mas” farmhouses which each stone holds the memory of the farming tradition, villas covered with the famous roof-tiles or very modern cotemporary houses hidden in the pinewoods or hanging above the sea.

In this beautiful region of Provence, you can practice any sports you like on the ground : hiking in the Calanques, trekking on Mount Sainte-Victoire, horse-riding in the pinetrees, practicing tennis or cycling- watersports : kayak, sailing, swimming in private pools – air-sports : gliding, parachute jumping, paragliding and also enjoy the heliports and airdromes scattered in the entire region.

If you’re looking for cultural activities in Provence, you will find dance performances in Aix-en-Provence where the professional are trained to the art of ballet, modern or traditional dancing, enjoy an opera at the famous Aix Lyrical Festival, rock or classical music concerts outdoors or indoors in modern auditoriums or classical theaters covered with red velvet and decorated with gold-leaves where professional or passionate amateurs will perform all kind of repertoire.

All these elements and even more are as many arguments that make Provence the most visited part of France and Europe, so you too can come and enjoy this Art-de-Vivre, the mildness of the climate and the beauty of the landscape from a beautiful house with private pool where you will of course also have the possibility of doing... nothing !